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Company History was created by Marshall J. Heap, EA, when he saw the need for reasonably priced tax courses for Enrollled Agents.  As a practicing EA himself, he realized that it was hard to find tax courses covering a variety of tax topics, presented in a convenient online format at a low price per CPE hour.  He realized that EAs were looking for cheap CPE hours, using quality tax materials in easy-to-use online courses.

An Enrolled Agent since 1984, Marshall's U.S. tax experience includes a 19-year career at a major international accounting firm where he was a Manager and then Senior Tax Manager for over 10 years followed by 12 years as a self-employed practitioner. During his accounting firm career, Marshall specialized in U.S. expatriate and alien taxation before gaining small business tax experience as a freelance practitioner.

Supplementing his tax experience with computing skills, Marshall gained a B.Sc. degree in Computing from the Open University in 2005 followed by a M.Sc. with Distinction from Birkbeck College, University of London in 2007.

In September 2007, Marshall J. Heap EA was approved by the IRS as a program sponsor of continuing professional education for IRS Enrolled Agents.

FunCPE acquires

After 7 year of continuous operations, was acquired by  FunCPE is a well -established CPE provider, offering courses to tax and financial professionals since 2001.  FunCPE is an approved IRS CE provider for Enrolled Agents and tax preparers participating in the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP).

FunCPE spokesperson Carolyn Weaver felt like the acquisition was a good fit:

Same philosophy Interesting tax CPE, cheap prices and easy course system "We saw that CPE for Enrolled Agents had a philosophy that really matched our own--interesting CPE courses at affordable prices, with great live customer support and a friendly web site.  CPE for Enrolled Agents had a loyal customer base who appreciated the personal attention combined with cheap CPE prices. Same studentsMany EAs were already also taking courses from FunCPE In fact, we have found that many of CPE for Enrolled Agents students were also already taking courses from FunCPE!  We do hope that all the former students will feel comfortable at, and enjoy our courses, pricing and support as much as they enjoyed the same benefits at  We also hope that the everyone will feel free to call our office or email us if they need any help filling out the renewal form or just figuring out which courses to take."

Please visit to view a current course catalog.

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